Why us over other small business shops making similar items?

If y'all have followed us for any amount of time you probably know that we support lots of other small businesses and don't compete for business. I teach and help other small businesses grow, so that we can all thrive while providing an income to support our families.


Bleaching Templates

If y'all haven't heard we no longer make and sell bleaching templates. We will still be bleaching with them, making tutorials on how to use them, and going live 1-2 times a week on TikTok to bleach with them. Bailey over at 2 Moon Custom Designs upgraded to a kick ass laser that will make them in minutes instead of hours, so she is taking over the production for us! Click the link below to find them.

2 Moon Custom Designs Shop


Get brighter, more vibrant, long lasting images with WanderSubli! A super simple, non-toxic fabric spray to use on items that are not 100% polyester. WanderSubli is non-toxic, VOC free, and has been rigorously tested for quality and safety. (Product isn't made by TCP Creations, but we love it!)

WanderSubli Website